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Synthetic Fragrances, or Traditional  Perfumes contain chemicals, including ethanol, which can be harsh & overbearing on the skin, with scents that only last 1-3 hours on average. They are also known to have a high probability of causing an allergic reaction because they are packed with fillers.



S.H.E Pretty products are ethanol/ alcohol free, clean, rich, true to scent and last 6-15 hours on average. All of our skin care and bath products are 100% handmade with all natural ingredients. Not only do our products smell great, but they also nourish and moisturize the skin.
Dry skin has difficulties retaining scent, so when you use our products, your skin is not only extremely hydrated, but is able to retain the fragrance for a longer period of time. Oil-based fragrances are known as “skin scents”. Meaning that as your body temperature increase, the scent grows stronger. You and only those close to you will experience the exclusive, pleasant aroma.

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